Bamboo Toothbrush Set 5-Pack - Bamboo Toothbrushes with Medium Bristles for Adults - Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Natural Wooden Toothbrushes

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About this item:

  • Our Bamboo Toothbrush Set includes: 4 wooden toothbrushes with medium bristles, and 1 black charcoal toothbrush. This 5-pack will last a person more than a year.
  • These biodegradable toothbrushes for adults are smooth and splinter-free, and offer a perfect brushing experience. Our bamboo toothbrush with medium bristles is not too hard on your gums, nor too soft to clean your teeth well.
  • At the end of their service life, remove the bristles and recycle, then re-use or throw away the wood toothbrush handle and it will quickly and naturally decompose.
  • Our natural toothbrush is made of sustainable bamboo, a highly renewable resource. These bamboo toothbrushes are BPA Free, Organic and Vegan-Friendly. The packaging is recycled, biodegradable and plastic-free (Zero-Waste Packaging).
  • Plastics can't be easily recycled and never fully decompose. They end up polluting our beaches and harming marine life. Recyclable toothbrushes are a perfect alternative for plastic toothbrushes.


Bamboo Toothbrush Set Includes:

4 x Bamboo toothbrushes with medium bristles
1 x Black toothbrush with charcoal-infused bristles

This pack will last one person for more than a year.



  • BPA-free
  • All-natural
  • Organic
  • Zero waste packaging
  • Charcoal toothbrush included
  • Smooth splinter-free handle
  • Vegan-friendly & sustainable
  • Perfect brushing experience


Medium Bristles

Our bamboo toothbrushes are not too hard on your gums, nor too soft to clean your teeth well.


Charcoal Toothbrush Included

This is the perfect opportunity to see how charcoal teeth whitening works for you. Use the charcoal toothbrush to test and if you like the results check out our bamboo charcoal toothbrushes 5-pack.


All Natural Toothbrush Set

Our organic toothbrushes are made to protect the environment and they're perfect if you want to lead a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

These wooden toothbrushes are made of bamboo, which is one of the most renewable resources in the world. This was harvested at full maturity from fast-growing sustainable plantations, away from pandas' habitats.

Our toothbrushes are Organic, BPA Free and Vegan-friendly. They're one of the best alternatives for plastic toothbrushes.


Smooth Splinter-Free Handle

The handles are double-polished and coated with beeswax to make them smoother and splinter-free.

They are lightweight and slightly curved for better grip and control.


Our wooden toothbrushes have numbers engraved on the handles so you don't mix them up.

Great Gift Idea

Our products make great gifts for men, women, wife, daughter, etc. And they're perfect for any occasion such as Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday gifts, or as a housewarming gift for a new home.

People who care for the environment will love these sustainable gifts.


'Not-So-Fun' Facts:

  • Plastic toothbrushes take hundreds of years to decompose.
  • Between 850 million and over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills each year, where birds and wildlife mistake them for food.
  • Most plastic brushes find their way into oceans, severely affecting marine life. Birds, turtles, and fish mistake them for food and eat them.

So why use them when there are green alternatives available?


Change is Scary but Often Necessary

Worried that this will be too big of a change for your brushing experience?

Or maybe you just want to hold on to what you know even though, deep down, you know it's necessary.

Our bamboo brush is the perfect alternative to traditional plastic toothbrushes, as it won't change your brushing experience in any way. Everything stays the same and makes a difference at the same time. With just one small tweak, such as a wooden handle, you stick to what you know but at the same time contribute to keeping the environment clean.

So making the switch is not just easy but really a no-brainer.