ECLA® e20 Bionic⁺ Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

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e20BIONIC Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Crafted with precision and innovation, this comprehensive kit by ECLA® is engineered to deliver outstanding teeth whitening results in the comfort of your own home.

At the core of the e20Bionic kit lies the powerful trio of ECLA® professional whitening pens. Formulated with the latest advancements in dental science, these pens are designed to effectively combat dental stains and discoloration.

The true innovation of the e20Bionic mouth tray lies in its incorporation of 32 blue LED lights – precisely the number of teeth in the human dentition – engineered to fit all mouth sizes and tooth alignments and crafted from medical-grade materials, it ensures even distribution of the ECLA® whitening gel across all surfaces of your teeth.
Compatible with all devices (iOS/Android)

This breakthrough feature serves a dual purpose: not only does it enhance the effectiveness of the whitening process, but it also accelerates the activation of the whitening ingredients within the ECLA® pens. These 32 blue LEDs emit a safe yet powerful wavelength of light, stimulating the whitening process and maximizing the potential of the ECLA® formula.

The ECLA® formula combines enamel-safe ingredients with a potent bleaching agent, ensuring a comprehensive and gentle whitening experience that respects the integrity of your teeth.

Professionally curated and endorsed by dental experts, the e20Bionic Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is a testament to the harmonious fusion of dental science and modern convenience.

Elevate your oral care routine and unlock the luminosity of your smile with the e20Bionic kit – where innovation meets excellence, and your smile takes center stage.