Mixed color laundry bag thick underwear care bag machine wash sweater filter mesh bag extra large thick and thin mesh pocket set wholesale

Sale price$3.94

Color: Fine mesh small 30*40

Whether to import:no
Brand: Yiyue
trade attribute:Domestic trade + foreign trade
Product time to market:Summer 2021
Item No.:654145
color: fine mesh small 30*40, fine mesh medium 40*50, fine mesh large 50*60, fine mesh large 60*60, fine mesh cylinder 22*33, coarse mesh small 30*40, coarse mesh medium 40*50, coarse mesh large 50*60, coarse mesh large 60*60, coarse mesh cylinder 22*33, sandwich round bra bag 16*17, sandwich semi-round bra bag 16*17, fine mesh mini 25*30, coarse mesh mini 25*30
Whether cross-border export exclusive supply:no