1 Pair Bunion Splint Big Toe Straightener

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Big Toe Deformities CorrectionRecommended in case of inflammatory diseases of the joints such as Hallux Valgus, Bunions, and Hammer Toes for both unisex.

Pain ReliefAdjustable bunion splint, bunion socks, toe separators, and a stretching strap to help to separate, straighten and strengthen your toes. Relieve pain caused by bunions, hallux valgus, and crooked toes.

Toe ExerciseStretch to realign and relax the big toes, relieve the thumb of lateral strain, exercise the thumb ligament, and strengthen the tendon's function for training the toe's flexibility and preventing foot problems.


Soft & BreathableMade of elastic fabric and gel. Premium quality and perfect fit, soft and stretchable - easy to clean & reuse.



  Materials: Soft Gel, cloth

  Color: Skin Color

  Dimension: 2.6"x3.9". One Size Fits Most Feet.


Package Includes:

   1 Pair Of Toe Splint Correctors (1 piece for left and one piece for right toe)