Bird Simulation Teaser

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Color: Bird Toy

Our Bird Simulation Teaser is the perfect tool for watching birds up close and personal! With a Teaser Rod with suction cup and an Extra Teaser Rod included, you’ll have everything you need to start watching these beautiful creatures. Your purchase will also come with four different bird attachments so you can choose what type of bird you want to watch. Whether it’s an eagle or a hummingbird, your experiences will be unlimited. The high-quality suction cup helps firmly attach the rod to any surface or window, providing a stable base for viewing. The four different bird attachments move in the breeze just like real birds, allowing for realistic behaviors and reactions for better viewing. Join the fun simply by attaching one of our teasers to your window or yard – and from there let your imagination fly! Invest in our Bird Simulation Teaser and start watching birds today!



Package Includes:
Teaser Rod With Suction Cup, 
Extra Teaser Rod + 4 Bird Attachments