Cotton Watercolor Book

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Color: Coarse Grain
Size: 32K 125 180mm

Do you love to explore the world of art and watercolor painting? If so, the Cotton Watercolor Book is perfect for you. Developed using high-quality cotton pulp, this watercolor paper can endure your most creative ideas! With three grains – fine, medium and coarse – to choose from, you’ll be able to create beautiful paintings with ease. The texture is clear and resistant to scrubbing, so it won’t wear off quickly. Plus, it comes in an all-natural white hue that can be easily modified as needed. Unleash your inner artist with this innovative Cotton Watercolor Book!

Material: cotton pulp

Binding: 20 sheets/book

Size:180*125mm (7''*4.9"). 260*180mm(10.2"*7").

Appliance: watercolor painting

watercolor hand-drawn illustration

water-soluble color lead painting

Feature: scrub resistance, can be modified, natural white.