Movement Tracking Phone Holder

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Color: Black

Are you tired of struggling to keep your camera steady during your videos, or constantly having to adjust it during your live streams? 

With advanced AI technology, AutoTrackMate recognizes and tracks your movements, so you can focus on creating amazing content without worrying about your camera. 

And guess what? It's so easy to use! Just attach your phone to the 360° rotatable phone holder and let AutoTrackMate do the rest. 

AutoTrackMate's hands-free feature allows you to focus on your message, while it handles the camera work.


360° Auto Tracking - you'll always be in the shot, whether you're video calling, vlogging, or streaming.

Smart face and body tracking 

Multi use for YouTube, TikTok, vlogging and live-streaming 

No app required, works out of the box 

Compatible with any Tripod