Professional 8K/6K/4K HD Quadcopter S1S Drone with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

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Size: 2 Batteries

Experience next-level flight performance with the Professional HD Quadcopter S1S Drone. This drone offers durable brushless motors with strong wind resistance, 360° intelligent obstacle avoidance, 8K ESC, and a maximum flight time of 40 minutes.

With support for WiFi 8K/6K/4K cameras and a 120° wide angle FOV, capture stunning aerial images. Compact and lightweight, this drone is your perfect flying companion.

Enjoy peace of mind while you explore the skies with the Professional HD Quadcopter S1S Drone. Its advanced features like durable brushless motors, with seven levels of wind resistance, and 360° obstacle avoidance enhance safety and deliver a smooth flight experience.

The Auto Return feature ensures peace of mind by enabling the drone to automatically return to its takeoff point with a single tap. Whether you're exploring vast landscapes or maneuvering through challenging environments, this intelligent function guarantees a safe and effortless return, eliminating the risk of losing your drone.

Harnessing the power of GPS technology, the drone's Waypoint feature allows you to plot a customized flight path with utmost accuracy. Simply set waypoints, and watch as the drone flawlessly follows the designated route. Whether you're capturing breathtaking aerial footage or surveying an area, this feature grants you full control over the drone's movement, making it an ideal tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

You'll also benefit from the brushless motor at 3200 rpm for high-precision motion, and up to 40 minutes of maximum flight time. Capture stunning aerial imagery with its WiFi 8K/6K/4K camera and 120° wide angle FOV. Lightweight and compact, you'll have the freedom to take your drone anywhere.



-Channel: 6 channels, can fly up, down, forward, backward, left, and right.

-Motor: brushless motor, 3200 rpm, seven strong wind resistance

-Quadcopter battery: 3.7V 1800mAh lithium battery (included)

-Transmitter battery: 3 x 1.5AAA batteries (not included)

-GPS version flight time: 15-40 minutes

-Charging time: 80-150 minutes

-Remote control distance: 5000m

-Camera options: WiFi 4K/ WiFi 6K/ WIFI 8K

-FOV: 120° wide angle

-Portable folding design, fold out of space, one hand, free to carry.

-360 ° intelligent obstacle avoidance, effective prevention of collision damage, and easy to get started.

-8K ESC dual camera, remote control angle, free to switch the perspective.

-Light flow positioning hovering, indoor and outdoor stable hovering, novice seconds to get started.

-With altitude hold mode function to provide stable flight.

-Orbital motion allows the aircraft to fly around in circles, providing cooler camera angles.

-Waypoint flight mode simply draws a route on the screen with the helicopter as a given path.

-Headless mode, no need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flight

-One-touch return function, you can easily find your way home.

-One-touch takeoff/landing. With one button auto takeoff or landing, the drone will automatically take off or return to the takeoff position.

-With low power protection over current protection.

-Interference immunity with 2.4GHz technology.

-Six-axis gyroscope for more stable flight and easier control.

-It has 3 flight speed switch levels to make the flight more interesting.

-Quadrotor fuselage is made of strong, high-strength engineering plastic, lightweight and durable.


Product folding size (CM): 8*12*7cm

Product unfolded size (CM): 23*29*7cm


Included in Package:

1 x S1S Quadcopter

1 x Remote Control Unit

4 x Spare propellers

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Screwdriver

1 x User manual

1 x Storage bag